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Looking to develop your IT Skills?

Want To Learn IT is a pay as you go, VERY low cost, simply to use online learning solution, which offers Individuals and organisations a practical why to address IT learning needs.


You can train from beginner to expert, in a wide range of subjects such as, Access Excel, Ms Office 2010, Outlook, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, for only £65 + VAT or more technical courses such as Exchange, PHP and MySQL, Server SQL, for £99 + VAT. In addition our low cost fees include 12 Months unlimited access to your course, so you can learn at your own pace, and you can refresh yourself whenever you like!

With over 1500 courses, which are accessed directly via the Web providing learners with access to the latest skills at any location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This market leading courseware is successfully helping learners throughout the world in more than 1000 large organisations and tens of thousands of SME's and Individuals to develop new skills continuously.

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Want to Learn IT - Microsoft Training Online

Microsoft training

For companies with staff that need to brush up on their skills or learn new technologies, education can often be an expensive investment that entails employees attending courses offsite. With our affordable online courses it is possible to train more people for the same budget and because each course gives you 12 months access to a comprehensive library of information on the topic being studied, you can be sure that each member of staff will get all the support they need to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject they need to master. There is no software to download as all the material is accessible from a web browser. This means that people can study at their own pace in any location with an internet connection. Popular choices include Microsoft Office training which brings employees up to speed with all the latest features of this suite of applications and technical courses that are aimed at helping developers and administrators to achieve certification in various areas. In order to tailor each course to the learning requirements of individuals a skills assessment is included with each library, to be taken at the start, which maps out a learning path from the results.

Corporate clients

The prices on our site are based on one person using an online library for a year. Larger organisations often wish to train a number of people in the same technologies so we can also provide quotations for multiple licences on one particular course. There is a simple form you can use to request prices for access to Microsoft technical training for multiple users and once it has been submitted a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. If access to individual courses rather than complete libraries is required then we can also provide this at a competitive price. A manager’s monitoring account offers an easy way for companies to keep track of their employees’ progress and they can even export the results to their own systems if they wish. Whatever the cost of courses it is important for organisations to monitor the effectiveness of their staff education policy so they can modify their corporate strategy to achieve the best results. Over the years we have dealt with many companies who can vouch for the effectiveness of our products so we are more than happy to be judged on performance and value for money.

Microsoft Excel training

Spreadsheets are used for a variety of reasons in many company departments and the more familiar employees are with the capabilities of the software the more useful it becomes. We offer courses that explore all the functionality of this ubiquitous program as it applies to regular users. There are also specialised courses that guide people through the advanced data analysis features included with the software. Simulations take you through the process of performing various tasks and are followed by exercises where learners can apply the knowledge they have just acquired. This helps to reinforce the skills learnt and commit them to long term memory. The courses consist of several modules that target specific areas such as automating tasks using VBA macros. This knowledge can save valuable time which is why training on Microsoft products is such a good investment for employers. The end result is employees who have the skills to carry out their work more efficiently and the confidence to suggest improvements to existing procedures utilising the technology that they have mastered. These applications have so many features that companies often fail to exploit them to their full owing to a lack of knowledge on the part of staff.


Larger companies often have teams of programmers working on in-house projects and it is vital that they keep up to date with the latest developments in the technologies that they use to create bespoke software applications to streamline company procedures and manage the information that members of staff need to access on a daily basis. There are a number of Microsoft Certified Professional training courses that target specific areas of software development such as web programming and company-wide distributed applications. These are not only useful in their own right but can lead to certification for staff which is beneficial to both them and their employers. Software companies use certification held by existing and prospective members of staff to evaluate their skill set and reward them appropriately. It also gives individuals a sense of achievement and boosts their future employment opportunities. When planning development projects, managers have up to date information on the technologies that their staff are most proficient with so can target these to ensure the most efficient use of human resources. The fact that the skills gained from our courses have immediate applications in the workplace is what makes them such a good investment for organisations and individuals.

Microsoft Office training

The applications that are used in the daily business of the vast majority of companies are obviously well worth educating employees in. Most people are able to use the basic features of such programs to produce text documents and presentations but the more advanced features open up a whole new set of possibilities that can help people to use the software more effectively. On our site can be found many courses that are tailored to provide knowledge in specific areas that are most useful to businesses and their employees. Database design is an example of a skill that is vital to creating efficient applications but is often overlooked. Once the basics are understood it is easy to see how they can be utilised to store information in a manner that enables rapid retrieval and eliminates redundant data. Microsoft Certified training covers all the applications developed by this software giant and uses comprehensive tests to ensure that holders of such certification have a broad knowledge of the subject in question. The modular nature of qualifications means that members of staff can gain individually useful skills that when taken as a whole enable them to pass an exam and receive professional certification.

System engineers

It does not matter how good your software is or how skilled the people that are using it are if your network goes down. This is why it is important for any company to employ network administrators and engineers that have an in-depth knowledge of the technology platforms used and how to administer them to avoid catastrophic failure if at all possible. If not possible then Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer training should provide them with the expertise they need to create failsafe systems where redundant servers can quickly be brought online. As with all our courses, those dealing with systems administration cover the topics that are necessary for a complete understanding of the technology. The interactive nature of the libraries helps people to acquire new skills as rapidly as possible and by using them in simulations, to retain the knowledge over the long term. Glossaries are included to enable learners to look up unfamiliar words and search facilities allow them to quickly find relevant information. We are sure whatever courses you purchase will prove invaluable to employees and the company, and be the most cost-effective method of giving staff access to Microsoft Excel training and education in many other areas.